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Dyslexia is a real condition. When I was a child I had trouble reading and writing. As I got older I learned to deal with it. I once hated reading, now my favorite place is a book store. I love how a good story transports a reader.  When I was in Alaska I created sculptures that “belonged” to a fictional character, Richard  Handley.
Richard Handley (left) with his perpetual motion machine
He was a prospector, inventor, writer and artist who lived along the Yukon River and mysteriously vanished in the early 20th century. I created an extensive story about this man’s life and backed it up with very believable artifacts. I was invited to participate in a sculpture show in San Diego. Along with my sculptures were detailed narrations as well as a handwritten diary.
the fictional Richard Handley's enigmatic weekly calendar

I received a phone call from a History professor from University of San Diego.  He was so excited by the artifacts and was confused because he had never heard of this man nor had he heard of my “discovery”. I explained that these were sculptures and that the whole story was an invention of mine, the stories and sculptures were all part of the artwork. At first he was very angry and embarrassed, and then he started to laugh and said, “Well done, you had me fooled!” I fooled a history professor.

My Angel Feather series has a similar story. I made these feather etchings many years ago, they were part of two plate prints, unfortunately the main plates were damaged but the feather survived. These are zinc plates, the images were made with soft ground, etching and engraving. These sat unused for many years. One day I was reading an article about a 2,100 year old Chinese mummy so perfectly preserved that her skin was supple. He body had been entombed in 5,000 pounds of charcoal. I also found another article about a box found in Jordan that contained spikes used in an ancient crucifixion, and the internet was buzzing about them being the spikes that killed Christ. They were about 200 years to old but since when has facts every been important in an internet rumor? These same people found bird remains and insisted they were remains of angels. Bing,  my little light went on!

I tried to make my fictional story both absurd but believable. It sounds like it could be a real archeological discovery except one small detail, the name of the chief archaeologist was Henry Jones Jr.

I have had several people contact me. They all want to know if my story is true. Some even want to know if these are real angel feathers. I guess I need to change the archeologists name to Indiana Jones.....

Henry Jones Jr. AKA Indiana Jones
Archangel Feathers: Michael, Gabriel Raphael and Lucifer

My Narration:

Remarkable Templar Relic Discovery! A relic hoard by the Templar Knights was discovered in a Syrian cave. Four ancient Feathers believed to be from Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Lucifer were recovered in a Knights Templar stronghold. Next to the feathers were three skeletons and three swords with the religious order's cross on the blades. The feathers are remarkable reserved due to the carbon lined miniature coffin they were buried in. They were destined for the Pope but only made it as far as Northern Syria. According to Grail Lore these Knights were believed to have hidden a holy cup for the last supper in this cave complex. After months of excavation the fourth “Lucifer” feather was discovered. Contrary to popular belief, Satan and Lucifer are two separate fallen angels. Lucifer was banished because of his ego -- his sin, pride. Lucifer, not Satan was the first angel to have sinned. Lucifer has been equated to Satan due to the misreading of the passage Isaiah 14:12. The actual name "Devil" was applied to Lucifer when early theologians identified him with the falling star in the passage from Isaiah, now Satan and Lucifer have become interchangeable. The feather relic show clear signs that it was cut from a wing!! After falling from heaven both archangels cut away their feathered wings and replaced them with snake skin.

No Holy Grail was found but Archeologists did find a Holy Nail, a four-inch Roman relic, stored in an ornate box.
Archaeologist Henry Jones Jr. said: "It dates from the 1st century, the kind used in Crucifixions. You'd expect the surface to be pitted and rough after so long, but this was smooth! Nothing shocks me. I'm a scientist."

Archaeologist Henry Jones Jr. added: "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes” Excavations are ongoing.


The four printing plate soft ground etching, with acid etched lines, dry point lines and engraving
lines on a zinc plate. It is hand printed onto archival printmaking paper.
The image size is 9 x 14 inch. $125

three plate version.  The image size is 8.5 x 10 inch $100

Single feather
Micheal: $37.50

Single feather
Gabriel: $37.50

Single feather
Raphael: $37.50

Single feather
Lucifer: $37.50

Single feather
Raven Feather: $37.50

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