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My Inquisition

INQUISITION, Etching, 5" x 7" 2010 by Larry Vienneau


Of all of my etchings, this image is my most popular. This image was a result of two encounters with ravens and crows twenty years apart.
The first was long before I had done any prints, I was a teenager and was camping on Nantucket. Camping is forbidden on Nantucket so I had to hide my site. Unfortunately I had hidden it to well and had trouble finding it again. As I staggered through the undergrowth I stumbled into a crow roost. The crow were not happy and the sound was deafening. I eventually found my tent and the next morning as I was leaving I found the roost. The ground under it was littered with tin foil, coins, jewelry,  bits of chrome left by the crows. They hoarded bright shinny objects. 
The second was in Alaska. I was helping a Native Alaskan hunt moose for elders in his village. We split up, I took the ravine while he covered the high ground.  Again I was " staggered through the undergrowth" and again I stumbled upon a roost. Except this was raven's roost. A common raven is 2/3 larger than a common crow and their voice is powerful. These ravens exploded into a roar of complaints that most likely scared any moose in the area.

All of my images are based on my own experience or on some myth or legend. I had never forgotten my encounters with angry crows and ravens which was the inspiration for INQUISITION. Like all of my prints, I start with a title and narration, I tried to express the bird's outrage and my fear in a brief story that encapsulated how I felt.

my narration:

First light had not appeared on the horizon. I fumbled though the undergrowth beneath the ravens roost. The sky abruptly exploded with accusations. I stood in awe of the raven’s anger. I was not the first to see this fury.

An investigation that violates the privacy or rights of individuals.
A rigorous, harsh interrogation.
A tribunal formerly held in the Roman Catholic Church and directed at the suppression of heresy

From the Greek "hairesis", meaning "free choice".

My "Inquisition" print is one of my most popular prints. It is also one of my most stolen. Over the past five years I have found dozens of uses without my permission or credit. It got so bad that I actually started a blog to document these cases. I called my Blog Image Pirates because that was what was happening. The thieves were people who should know better, some were other artists, some were writer, but most were musicians using my image on posters, CD covers or other promotional material. here is a link-   Image Pirates

Blogger using without credit
bands using without permission
designer and promoter using without permission
Bands using without permission
designer using without permission, signed as original work

designer using as original artwork
designer using without permission

image thief gets "bagged" using my image for hand bags

 The examples go on and on. The trouble started when I joined a members only site for printmakers, members paid to join and it was supposed to be a closed site. I added several images including "Inquisition" without watermarks. but my name was signed below the images. I added watermarked image about a month later but someone had downloaded my images, cropped out my name and sent them off into the chaos known as the internet, I have been chasing my artwork ever since, so this is a good teaching moment...always watermark!! 
Despite the abuse there are plenty of people who ask and are granted permission to use my artwork. I usually as a nominal fee and ask that credit be added.
Inquisition has also been used with a book cover, Indian Prophet by John Smelcer
 I have also had the privilege to have my work used, with permission on Music CD.Here is my Inquisition on a Scottish rock band "FireBrand Super Rock" CD. 
Scottish rock band "FireBrand Super Rock" CD
"Inquisition" has also appeared in a number of International magazines. 

Here it is in a Australian fashion Magazine Behance
Something about this image has struck a cord with some people. As the artist, I had no clue this would happen, I was "just making stuff". In 2014 I had a solo show and I did a large painting of Inquisition. I did it partially to reclaim it from all of those people who have stolen it.
Inquisition, Acrylic, and Gold Leaf 40 x 50 inch 2013

2104 solo show
this painting $2000 is available in my Etsy Shop

I have several versions of this print available on my Etsy Page. The original edition of Black ink on White paper is complete. However I have combined it with other prints and created interesting diptychs

The newest version is a small 3 x 5 inch print for $15.00 


I also have my original 5 x 7 plate printed in a variety of colors $40 

"Jury and Inquisition" 7 inch x 10 inch, Diptych $70    



"Stigmata and Inquisition"  7 inch x 10 inch, Diptych $70  

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Copyright Larry Vienneau. All Artwork is property of the Larry Vienneau and may not be reproduced, duplicated, or resold. The artist permits it’s for use on blogs or for educational purpose when image is not sold but is attributed to Larry Vienneau. Original artwork shall not be used for promotional/for profit or non-profit uses without permission. Copyright is retained by the artist following the sale of the item.  

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