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Raven's Arrival with Genghis Khan

Raven and The Black Death 1347

I am a history nerd. I love history from the middle ages. The tragic history of the Black Plague is too colossal to comprehend. 
Genghis Khan
The year is 1346, the place is Caffa on the Black Sea. The Mongolian Empire now covered 12 million square miles.   Years before Genghis Khan had unified the nomadic bands of Mongolian herders into the most fearsome fighting force in history. During his reign Genghis was responsible for 40 million deaths. Over the next 130 years hundreds of millions would died in Mongolian conquests, making it the bloodiest period  in Human history. But the Mongolians were not finished, they about to unleash the first biological weapon in history against Europeans. The Black Plague had most likely originated in the far east and travel with the Mongolian army, but it had recently mutated into a more horrifically vicious pestilence. The Mongols had to retreat but before they did they catapulted hundreds of plague ridden corpses over the city wall, unleashing the worst natural disaster in history. By 1347 1/3 to nearly 1/2 of Europe was wiped out . The Mongols never returned and Europe would never be the same.
Plague Doctor
 I knew that I would have to do this image. Raven is  associated with some of man’s highest achievements. Raven is also wrongfully connected to mankind's greatest disasters. The suit of the Plague Doctor were the first Bio-Hazard suits. The "Doctor" wore a long cloak, gloves, and a mask the resembled a bird beak because some believed the plague was brought by birds.(Ravens and Crow linked to death)  Perhaps they thought looking like a bird may protect the wearer. This strange mask was stuffed with medicinal herbs and acted like a germ filter.   
Raven’s Arrival 1347 AD., Raven Disguised as a Plague Doctor with his pet.
My Narration:
Raven has travel with his pet rat from the Far East into Europe. He wears the protective clothing of a Plague Doctor to hide his identify. Raven heard that the Dark Ages were just about to end, he wants them to linger a little bit longer....

A bird-like form stepped out of the murk and walked down the dark passage. Wearing a beak-like mask filled with pungent aromatic plants to cloak the malodorous smells of death which hung heavy in the air, the doctor looked like a hideous raven. As he shone the muted light of his lantern into the darkness he saw entryways smeared with blood-red crosses, the sign that the street had been visited by plague 

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