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I love history novels, especially ones set during the Middle Ages. I am not a huge fan of Game of Thrones because of the dragons and magic. Nope, give me a well written historic novel and I am happy. I am drawn to the early periods of English history, when Roman retreated from the island, The Saxons stole the island from the Britons and then the Vikings began stealing the land from the Saxons. I am not religious but I am enthralled by the dynamics of how the Saxons and the later Vikings interacted and interpreted this strange new religion.  I am particularly intrigued by what they called the Christian God, they called him “The Nailed God”

 In Native American stories Raven is sometimes a hero, a creator, the father of mankind, and a potent conductor of spiritual forces in the form of sacred dreams. My intention when I started the etching was to envision the clash of one ancient religion with a new one. Raven is often a creator spirit in many Native American religions. What would happen if two creators met? Timing is everything, Raven finally finds another Creator, but it is too late. Mankind has already killed him.

The drawing for this image took several weeks. This etching is another one often used without permission


My Narration-

Syncretism n 1: the union (or attempted union) of different systems (especially in religion or philosophy)

In this story Raven is the Creator Spirit. Long ago he traveled around the world to find other Creator spirits. Raven had flown half way around the world and he had all but given up. Finally, on April 3, 33, Raven noticed a commotion on a distant hill top. As approached he realized he had finally found his equal nailed to a Totem.

three crosses reflected from original drawing
"THE MEETING - SYNCRETISM OF APRIL 3, 33 CE" (Raven Series) Intaglio, Black , Blue Black or brown ink on white paper 5 inch x 7 inches. 2010-12 $40

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