Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Artist of the Year

I received a regional honor!



The Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, in association with the Seminole Cultural Arts Council (SCAC), recognized SSC’s Laurence Vienneau as Seminole County 2017 ARTIST OF THE YEAR.  

The award and resolution were presented to Professor Vienneau at the regularly scheduled morning meeting of the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners on May 23rd in Commission Chambers in Sanford.

Each year, the County Commission and SCAC jointly select an individual (performer, visual artist, historian or author) who is a resident of Seminole County and has contributed time and talent for the enrichment of Seminole County.  Laurence Vienneau was chosen for his dedication to teaching budding artists, promoting the arts in our community, and helping revive interest in an art form which was in danger of disappearing from the Florida art scene.

Professor Vienneau, who has been with Seminole State College since 2008 as an instructor in printmaking at the Center for Fine & Performing Arts, saw the need in 2015 for an organization focused on printmaking, where emerging artists could exchange ideas and produce artwork for exhibit both locally and nationally, and so established The Seminole County Society of Printmakers. Printmaking, which began during the Renaissance and includes etching, engraving, woodcuts, lithography and silk screening, almost became a lot art due to the introduction of personal computers and printers. Laurence Vienneau has helped spur renewed interest and has educated students, local artists, college faculty and the public in printmaking. The Society he founded has a broad, inclusive membership, works with artist associations and SSC, and participates in many Lake Mary and Sanford arts events.  

Addressing the County Commissioners

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